No one ever plans on being stuck in a blizzard, but it can happen. Being prepared is key to survival. We have some simple survival tips in case you ever are stranded in the blowing winds of snow.

The Blizzard Survival Bag

Whether you’re on a skiing trip or set out for a trip in your car, always carry a blizzard survival bag. Your cell phone may be fully charged, but you may end up in a place without service so you have to know how to survive until you can get help. A blizzard suvival bag should contain a few things. One essential thing is water. Your body will lose hydration quickly in the freezing temperatures. Always have a first aid kit stocked with band-aids and any types of medication you might need. From antibiotics to ibuprofen, make sure it has anything and everything you might need. Pack a pair of heavy gloves, boots, a sleeping bag and warm clothing. You will also need to put in a flashlight and a firestarter. You can also throw in some non-perishable food items that will be easy to take out and eat in emergency. Hand warmers are also easy and small to throw in your survival bag.

Seek Shelter

It may sound easier said than done, but seeking shelter when outside in a blizzard is crucial to survival. The blowing wind and snow can lower your body temperature dangerously. Find any sort of shelter that you can away from the wind. You can even build yourself a little fort out of sticks if it comes to it. Stay hydrated by finding any source of water. Snow will lower your body temperature so try not to eat it unless you have to. You can even hold it against your body in a container to melt it if needed. Stay out of the wind and get low to the ground if there is no shelter anywhere.

Do Not Roam Away From Your Car

If you are stuck in the snow in your car, don’t leave the location. Hang bright colored clothing or a flag in your car window so a passerby will see. If you roam away from the car, you risk losing your way and getting lost. A car provides shelter more than the outside so it’s better to be inside of it than outside in the blowing winds.

Don’t Run The Car Engine

It sounds like a good thing to stay warm to run the car engine as you’re stuck inside. Don’t do this because you might need the gasoline later on. Turn on the car randomly for heat, but shut it off after a few minutes. Keep the windows and doors closed. Make sure the exhaust is uncovered so you don’t get carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure snow isn’t piling up around it. You might need gasoline and heat for days because being stuck could be a waiting game as everyone waits for the blizzard to pass.