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‘Arctic Cross’ film to focus on Yupik spiritual and cultural lives


Filmmaker Dmitry Trakovsky has begun a new feature length project that takes an intimate look at the spiritual and cultural lives of the Yupik people of Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The work, currently titled “Arctic Cross,” focuses on the unique personality of a society that has existed at the intersection of Russian, American, and traditional Yupik cultures. The film, currently titled “Arctic Cross,” will develop through three suspenseful personal stories to be filmed in the Bethel region in 2012, according to Trakovsky’s press release.

In August, Trakovsky travelled to Kodiak Island and filmed a short documentary, “Journey into Orthodox Alaska,” to gather support for the feature project. View this video online here.

Arctic Cross is independently produced by the young filmmaker who seeking investors. Individuals can contribute any amount through

Trakovsky, 26, immigrated to the United States from Russia at age 3, was initially attracted to Alaska because of the complexity of the state’s history and traditions, which are relatively unknown outside of its borders.

Trakovsky writes that his, “... stylistic approach emphasizes the rhythmic and musical, rather than concept-driven, elements of cinema.” He hopes that Arctic Cross will resonate emotionally with audiences through a thematically intertwined story that is engaging and exciting to all viewers.

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