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Troopers make assault arrests

On the Y-K Delta


An Aniak VPSO, while on a civil standby while a 37-year-old woman removed her personal belongings from a residence on Oct. 27, realized that she had been punched an strangled by 41-year-old Timothy Gregory, according to a state trooper’s report. The VPSO informed Aniak troopers of the incident. Troopers arrested Gregory the following day on felony charges of Assault II-DV and Assault 4-DV, and remanded him to Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Complex.

Following an investigation by an Aniak VPSO, Michael Murphy, 32, was arrested on Oct. 27 for assaulting his 23-year-old wife. Murphy was remanded to YKCC. Alcohol was a factor in the incident according to troopers.

Aniak troopers responded to a report of domestic assault in Sleetmute on Nov. 3. Their investigation found that Sammy Zaukar, 32, put two family members in fear of assault in a residence. The troopers arrested Zaukar on DV charges and remanded him to YKCC. The trooper report states that alcohol was a factor.

State troopers on Nov. 6 arrested Georgianne F. Hanson, 20 of Mountain Village, on two counts of DV Assault IV, DV Criminal Mischief IV, DV Criminal Mischief V, and Minor Consuming after she assaulted two family members and broke items in the residence. Hanson was transported to Saint Mary’s and remanded. Alcohol was a factor according to the trooper report.

Bethel-based troopers investigated an assault in Hooper Bay on Nov. 6. Troopers found that Timothy Smith, 52, assaulted a family member with a sledge hammer requiring the female to be treated for the injuries. Smith was arrested on three Assault 3 charges and interfering with a domestic violence report. Alcohol was reportedly a factor.

Albert S. Smith, 63 of Hooper Bay, was arrested Nov. 6 following a trooper investigation that found that on Nov. 5 Smith attempted to force a female to have sexual intercourse by providing her with homebrew and pointing a shotgun at her. She fled the residence. Troopers arrested Smith on Attempted Sexual Assault 1, Assault 3, Manufacture Alcohol, Assault 4, MIW, Resisting Arrest charges. Smith fought with the arresting troopers. He was remanded to YKCC.

Troopers arrested Stanley George Julius, 23, on two counts of DV Assault IV on Nov. 7. The troopers had found that Julius assaulted a 22-year-old woman and her 2-year-old son in Upper Kalskag on Nov. 6. He was transported to Bethel and remanded without bail.

Troopers, assisted by the VPSO in Napaskiak, on Nov. 10 arrested Thomas Link, 19, after a lengthy investigation revealed that he sexually assaulted multiple minor children over an extended amount of time, according to a trooper report. Link was transported to Bethel where he was remanded to YKCC. Troopers urge anyone with information to call the 1-800-478-9112.

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