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Students compete at science fair


Lower Yukon School District

Students receive awards in the 2013 Science Fair of the Lower Yukon School District in Mountain Village.

After weeks of preparation, long hours, and butterflies fluttering in stomachs across the district, the time came to present the science fair projects of 2013. The goal: to engage students in the critical thinking process and to expose them to the field science.

On March 4, coaches and students from Emmonak, Pilot Station, Alakanuk, Sheldon’s Point, Kotlik, Marshall and St. Mary’s descended into Mountain Village to showcase their talent. Participants were divided into four categories, designated by grade level. The room rippled with excitement as the judges walked around to each station, questioning and evaluating each individual exhibit. Researched topics and experiments were diverse, ranging from the impacts of oil spills in Alaska, to electromagnetic fields. Ninety-nine participants and all came prepared and ready to leave Mountain Village with a medal.

The students were judged on four categories; abstracts, presentation, display, and overall. Each category was judged individually and graded with a rigorous rubric; likewise, each student must present to three different judges for an unbiased and accurate score. Once the presentations were finished, judges spent the next hour deliberating and comparing scores. This is of course, no easy feat.

During the awards ceremony, students were recognized for their participation and wonderful projects. The following is a list of overall winners for the district.

Lower Yukon School District

Students from the Lower Yukon School District gathered in Mountain Village show their Science Fair Awards.

Kindergarten - Grade 3
1st Balloon Rocket Eddie Strongheart Sheldon's Point
2nd Green Pennies Logan Fancyboy Pilot Station
3rd Volcano Mary Clark Sheldon's Point
4th Bubbles Jeremy Fancyboy Pilot Station
5th Salty Ice Brittney Nick Pilot Station
Grades 4 - 6
1st Electromagnetic Field and Algae Cells Isaiah Hootch and Grace Westlock Emmonak
2nd How Can We Stop Erosion Morgan Gosch Kotlik
3rd Heartbeat of a Drum Michaela Blowe Alakanuk
3rd Fire Under Water Josh Noble Sheldon's Point
4th Blobs in a Bottle Florencia Ignatius Sheldon's Point
5th pH Levels in Water Ryan Haughey Kotlik
Grades 7 and 8
1st Acid Water? Lime it! Dan Distor Pilot Station
2nd Hard vs. Soft Water Rochelle Westdahl Pilot Station
3rd Dissolved Oxygen in Beaver Pond and Yukon River Jerilyn Alexie and Kaylee Thompson St. Mary's
3rd Disappearing Quarter Casey Stern Sheldon's Point
4th Gelatin and Moose Hooves Similar to Jell-O Makayla Kameroff St. Mary's
4th Hydro-Power Water Wheel Laterell Alstrom Alakanuk
5th Coleus Killer Pamela Beans Pilot Station
Grades 9 - 12
1st The Physical and Chemical Analysis of the River Estuaries and Marine Waters Jacinta Matthias Kotlik
2nd Bacteria Killer KyeAnna Nicolai and Maggie Heckman Pilot Station
3rd Impact of Oil Spills on Avian Survival Cheyanne Prince Kotlik
4th Sweet Planning Maggie Heckman Pilot Station
5th Blooming Algae KyeAnna Nicolai Pilot Station
LYSD Team of the Year: Pilot Station
LYSD Coach of the Year: Mrs. Wilhelmina Distor

The district thanks all of the 2013 Science Fair participants, coaches, and judges for their terrific work and love for science with a very special thanks to coordinators, Jean Domansi, Ben Harvey, and Wilhelmina Distor for organizing and setting up the science fair. With their tenacious work and dedication, the 2013 LYSD Science Fair was a grand success.

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