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Kwethluk School 

Kwethluk reads together


Children from toddlers to teenagers snuggled up with their siblings and listened to the comforting sound of their parents reading to them when Kwethluk School held the first Parent Involvement Night on Oct. 18. The theme was Snuggle Up and Read.

As families went into the school they were invited to take a blanket and a book, help themselves to hot chocolate and cookies and simply read aloud together. Over 20 parents came to read.

"This is wonderful," commented the reading specialist at the school. "Even the youngest children are engaged in the stories. What a great turnout!"

Kwethluk School

The atmosphere was cozy and positive. Outside the school the rain and wind blew in gusts. Inside the school the sweet soft voices of parents reading to children on their laps and leaning on their shoulders was the only sound. No TV, no cell phones. Just good books and family together time.

This is the first of five parent involvement nights scheduled for this year. Other activities include Board Game/Puzzle Night, Family Gym Night, Art Project Night and Math Game Night. Although after the success of Snuggle Up and Read, the school may schedule another reading evening.

"When can we do this again?" several children asked, as they got ready to leave. Teachers who were there commented on the positive energy in the building. "Everyone is relaxed and happy to be reading," Mrs. Henke said with a smile. "Reading together is one of the best and easiest things a parent can do to help their child learn."

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