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Hoffman named co-chair at annual AFN convention


Drums Staff

Alaska Federation of Natives membership voted in two new co-chairs of the organization’s board of directors on Saturday at the organization’s annual convention in Fairbanks. Ana Hoffman, CEO of Bethel Native Corporation, and Tara Sweeney, senior vice president of external affairs at Arctic Slope Regional Corporation are the new co-chairs.

AFN is moving to staggered terms for co-chairs beginning with this year’s election, which means that beginning next year only one co-chair will be elected at each year’s annual AFN convention to serve a two-year term.

Hoffman was the candidate with the most votes and will serve a two-year term. Sweeney received the second most votes and will serve a one-year term.

The theme of this year’s gathering, held Oct. 24-26, was Traditional Native Family Values. Presentations and discussions were held on the topic.

Another topic of discussion was subsistence. Dr. Worl, chair of the AFN Subsistence committee on Friday reiterated AFN’s commitment to the long-term goal of achieving full and lasting federal protections for the Alaska Native hunting, fishing and gathering way of life, and a co-equal role in the management of fish, wildlife and other renewable resources that form the basis for our economic and cultural existence. She went on to provide a detailed report, available for download here.

Dr. Worl shared that AFN is also working with the Association of Village Council Presidents and Tanana Chiefs Conferences, as well as the Ahtna tribes to advance several demonstration projects.

Myron Naneng and Jerry Isaac shared details about the AVCP/TCC proposal that would create inter-tribal fish commissions for the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers and require the secretary to enter into cooperative and funding agreements with these commissions for the conservation and management of fishery resources in both river drainages.

The Ahtna demonstration project would allow the tribes in the region to manage wildlife on Ahtna and other Native-owned lands, and create a federal/state/tribal co-management structure.

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