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Place your bets on Kuskokwim Ice Classic


Each year, Bethel Community Services Foundation partners with Bethel Regional High School to conduct the Kuskokwim Ice Classic. The event is established in state statute and grants to the foundation the exclusive right to conduct the event. High school students sell tickets at locations around Bethel, including local stores and businesses, as well as some door-to-door sales. Ticket purchasers speculate as to what date and time the Kuskokwim River will break each spring. Collection boxes are placed around town and ticket purchasers can drop their tickets at any one of the locations.

A tripod is set up on the frozen river across from First National Bank Alaska. The tripod is hooked up to a clock that stops as soon as the tripod significantly moves. The winner of the Ice Classic is the person who is closest to the time without going over.

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