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By Susan Taylor
Tundra Womens Coalition 

Thank you

Letter to the Editor


Thank you to all that helped with the Choose Respect walk and thank you to all those that walked with us. This is a statewide event on a designated day with an inspirational message for all to take heart.

Every time a decision needs to be made, choosing respect leads to the right choice. And every time someone chooses respect that means one less bad behavior to regret, one less person hurt, one less crime committed.

There’s much in the news about this year being the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Earthquake and the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, both of which were life changing events impacting many Alaskans.

But unfortunately what weighs far heavier in the memories of many, is the day they witnessed or encountered domestic violence or sexual assault, some as a child and some more than once. That’s life changing.

Recovery takes time, courage and support. The Choose Respect walk is a message from the community that if you have been hurt, you are not alone. There are people all around you that understand and that care.

The Choose Respect walk is also a message of expectations that domestic violence and sexual assault needs to end. Both DV and SA are epidemic in Alaska even though some of the increase in statistics is due to more reporting.

Ignoring something will not make it go away. The truth needs to come out for such crimes to end. Reporting of these crimes brings justice and recovery. The Choose Respect walk is a message that we are all in this together.

At the start of the walk, Mary Beaver, Rose Domnick and Gen. Mike Bridges shared words. Along the walk drivers waved and honked. At the end of the walk, KuC staff provided a delicious potluck. Well over 100 participated.

So again thank you to everyone that helped and everyone that walked in the Choose Respect Walk. We wish all Alaskans to be safe and to successfully protect their children. The next generation is counting on it.


— Susan Taylor / Deputy Director - Direct Services, on behalf of the staff, volunteers and clients of Tundra Women’s Coalition


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